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الفت عطية محمود سالم

Associate Professor

استاذ مشارك قسم ادارة و تعليم التمريض

كلية التمريض
مبني 12 الدور الثالث 0360

Practicum in Teaching

Application of teaching-learning strategies will conduct. Experience in clinical and classroom settings promotes the opportunity for development and increased skills in the total teaching-learning process. An analytical approach to teaching effectiveness is emphasized. The graduate students will practice teaching using a variety of instructional procedures, materials, and technologies.  Students will apply classroom management strategies and methods of evaluation for use with inclusive instructional settings (classroom, Lab. Clinical setting) and diverse students’ groups. This will lead to practice in planning, teaching, and evaluation first in a microteaching situation with peers and later in classroom settings. The teaching practicum must be undertaken with the supervision of a faculty member at CON.  However, Students work with their faculty to design the practicum and receive feedback on all aspects of course design, delivery, and assessment.

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