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Omar Salem Abdullah Al-Attas



كلية العلوم
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BCH580:Biochemistry of Human Nutrition

Caloric significance of diets. Metabolic energy of carbo­hydrates, lipids and proteins. Total energy requirement and its expenditure. Significance of fiber in the diet. Vitamins: their absorption, excretion, functions, assay methods, and daily requirements. Vitamin malabsorption. Vitamin antagonists. Minerals in food and their importance in nutrition. Evaluation of fresh and preserved foods. Balanced diets. Application of nutrition to critical periods throughout the life span. Nutrition in pregnancy and lactation. Diets in some diseases. Body weight control with reference to nutrition (e.g. obesity, underweight, anorexia nervosa). Diets in some inborn errors of metabolism (e.g. galactosaemia, diabetes, phenylketonuria, maple syrup urine disease).

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