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د. عمر بن عبدالله السعدون

Assistant Professor

وكيل الكلية لشؤون التعليم الإكلينيكي والعيادات

كلية العلوم الطبية التطبيقية
كلية العلوم الطبية التطبيقية، مبنى ٢٤

introduction/brief CV

Dr. Omar Abdullah Alsadon
Assistant Professor in Dental Technology and Materials
Dental Health Department
College of Applied Medical Sciences

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The aim was to optimise the hot pressing parameters for processing PEKK polymer using a standard ceramic pressing furnace and compare the optical and mechanical properties of pressed…

by Omar Alsadon, Duncan Wood, David Patrick, Sarah Pollington
by Omar Alsadon, David Patrick, Antony Johnson, Sarah Pollington, Duncan Wood

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The purpose if this course is to provide final year students with the most recent published knowledge and techniques in the field of dental technology. The students are required to attend weekly…


This course is designed to cover tooth morphology, dental terminology and numbering systems as well as explaining the criteria of normal occlusion, jaw positions and movements and importance of…


Fixed Prosthodontics II DEH 334 This course is designed to expand the students’ knowledge in fixed prosthodontics with special attention to crown and bridge. Lectures will…