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Nawal Muhammed Almutairi

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

علوم الحاسب والمعلومات
المدينة الجامعية للطالبات بالدرعية - 6T86
Conference Paper

Data Clustering Using Homomorphic Encryption and Secure Chain Distance Matrices


Secure data mining has emerged as an essential requirement for exchanging confidential data in terms of third party (outsourced) data analytics. An emerging form of encryption, Homomorphic Encryption, allows a limited amount of data manipulation and, when coupled with additional information, can facilitate secure third party data analytics. However, the resource required is substantial which leads to scalability issues. Moreover, in many cases, data owner participation can still be significant, thus not providing a full realisation of the vision of third party data analytics. The focus of this paper is therefore scalable and secure third party data clustering with only very limited data owner participation. To this end, the concept of Secure Chain Distance Matrices is proposed. The mechanism is fully described and analysed in the context of three different clustering algorithms. Excellent evaluation results were obtained.

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