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Nasser D. Alqahtani

Associate Professor

Orthodontic Consultant an Associate Professor at Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics Dept.

كلية طب الأسنان
2nd floor, building 23
course material

Exam Sample



1. The electrical burn of the commissure is 24 hours old.  

What will happen to it in 5-10 days? 

a. infection 

b. complete healing 

c. eschar slough 

d. increased pain 


2. What is the recommended dose of this anesthetic in mg/lb or mg/kg? 

a. 8 mg/lb or 16 mg/kg 

b. 16 mg/lb or 8 mg/kg 

c. 2 mg/lb or 4 mg/kg 

d. 7 mg/lb or 7 mg/kg 


3. In Xylocaine overdose, the initial clinical finding is: 

a. CNS excitation 

b. CNS depression 

c. Airway loss 

d. Syncope 


4. What are two clinical signs of mandibular body fracture? 

a. broken teeth, huxated teeth 

b. frenum tear, chin laceration 

c. mucosal degloving, avulsed teeth 

d. sublingual hematoma, vertical gingival tears 


5. What is the most Common oral manifestation of pediatric HIV infection? 

a. candidiasis 

b. kaposi’s sarcoma 

c. parotitis 

d. herpetic gingivostomatis 


6. Hermangiomas should be treated with: 

a. observation 

b. steroid therapy 

c. sclerosing agents followed by surgical excision 

d. laser therapy 


7. Treatment for herpetic gingivostomatitis in the  child should include all the following except: 

a. hydration 

b. antipyretics 

c. topical analgesics / anesthetics 

d. antibiotics


8. Most odontogenic infections are caused by: 

a. gram positive cocci 

b. gram negative cocci 

c. gram positive rods 

d. gram negative rods 


9. Which of the following characteristics is true of the most recent generation of dentin bonding agents? 

a. bonding is accomplished directly to the smear layer 

b. they are not affected by dentinal tubule structure 

c. they achieve bond strengths no greater than 3-5 MPa (megapascals) 

d. they use hydrophilic wetting agents in the primer 


10. Which of the following statements regarding infraoccluded teeth is FALSE? 

a. ankylosed maxillary teeth tend to “submerged” more than mandibular teeth 

b. ankylosed primary first molars tend to submerged less than second molars in the same arch 

c. multiple ankylosed teeth occur less frequently than single ankylosed teeth 

d. ankylosed primary mandibular first molars often exfoliate on schedule