Math 111: Integral calculus


Definition of Definite Integral and its Properties, The Anti-derivative, Indefinite Integral and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Change of Variables. Integrals of natural and general exponential functions. Integrals of natural and general Logarithmic functions. Derivatives and Integrals of Hyperbolic and Inverse-Hyperbolic functions. Techniques of Integration: by parts, Trigonometric substitutions, Completing the square, Integrals of rational functions, Miscellaneous Substitutions. Indeterminate forms, Improper Integrals. Applications of Integration: Area, Solids of Revolutions, Arc length and Surface of Revolution, Linear Motion, Work, Momentum and Center of Mass. Numerical Integration. Polar coordinates, relation between polar and Cartesian coordinates, Graphs of polar curves, Area in polar coordinates. Parametric Equations.


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