• EE 301 - Signals and Systems Analysis

Motivation and Applications, Signal Classifications, Signal Operations, Singularity Functions; Linear time-Invariant Systems and Convolution; Correlation; Fourier Series and Transform for continuous and discrete time signals; Frequency response; Laplace transform and applications.

  • Textbook: Alan V. Oppenheim , Alan S. Willsky, and S. Hamid Nawab, "Signals & Systems", Prentice Hall, 1996.
  • Pre-requisite: EE 212.


  • Weekly Plan:

Week 1: Introduction to signals and systems.
Week 2: CT, DT and digital signals, basic operations on signals. 
Week 3: Classifications of signals.
Week 4: Introductions to systems.
Week 5: LTI systems and DT convolution.
Week 6: LTI systems and CT convolution.
Week 7: Difference/ Differential Equations for LTI systems.
Week 8: Correlation analysis.
Week 9: Fourier Series of periodic signals (CT and DT).
Week 10: Fourier Transform (CT and DT).
Week 11: Properties of Fourier Transform, Sampling, Applications.
Week 12: Laplace Transform, applications in system design.
Week 13: Laplace Transform, applications in system design.
Week 14: Introduction to Z-transform, General Review.


  • Grading Policy:

Tutorial classes usually take 10% of the 100 marks, the grading is shown below:
5 marks: Attendance.
5 marks: Homework(s).


  • Attendance Policy:

Any student who misses more than 25% of all lectures will not be allowed to enter the final exam.