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Dr Muhammad Abdul Wahid Usmani

Assistant Professor

Consultant & Head of Quality Planning Unit

الكليات الانسانية
Deanship of Quality, 4th Floor, Building No. 19, Main Campus (Dariyah) King Saud University, Riyadh.


Dr. Muhammad Abdul Wahid Usmani is a renowned Quality Assurance Professional from Pakistan currently serving as Head of Quality Planning Unit of Deanship of Quality, King Saud University, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Before joining his current assignment, he was serving as a Director of Quality Assurance Department for Dow University of Health Sciences, Pakistan. He established the QA department and trained the personnel for implementing QA measures. He also served as a Resource Person for Quality Assurance Agency of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and provided consultancy to various Pakistani Universities on program evaluation, self study mechanism and program outcomes.
As a Consultant for the Deanship of Quality, King Saud University, Dr Usmani serves as a mentor to various colleges for implementing KSU-Quality Management System. He also reviews Self Study Reports of the programs before submission to NCAAA and provide constructive feedback for further improvement.
Dr Usmani has been actively involved in Teacher Education and Program Evaluation projects both in the public and private sector and has conducted number of worktops on Assessment, Evaluation, Quality Assurance and Educational Research.
Dr Usmani has written & presented several papers on Quality in national and international journals and conferences in the last few years. He is currently on editorial/reviewer panel of many international journals.