631 chem: Chemical Physics

Credit hours: 3 (3+0+0)

At the end of the course students will ..
1. understand the principal of quantum theory, energy quantization and the terms of Schrödinger equation and wave function.
2. extract all the dynamical information possible about the system from its wave function.
3. realize how thermodynamic properties emerge from the properties of atoms and molecules.
4. calculate the partition function of a system.
5. express all of the usual thermodynamic quantities such as internal energy, entropy, heat capacity, and so on in terms of the partition function.
6. understand how molecules store energy.
7. gain an in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field of molecular spectroscopy.
8. understand the molecular spectroscopy of diatomic and polyatomic molecules.
9. use the principles of quantum theory to calculate the properties of microscopic particles in motion.
10. learn how to use molecular spectra to obtain information about the molecular system such as electronic energy levels, bond lengths, bond angles, and bond strength.

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