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Dr. Mabrook S. Amer


Postdoc researcher

كلية العلوم
2A7, Building .5

430 Chem practical

Table of contents
Experiment 1: Measurement of a chemical cell (Daniel cell)
Experiment 2: Verification of Nernst equation using a concentration cell
Experiment 3: Determination of Activity Coefficients by an electrochemical method
Experiment 4: Determination of the solubility products of sparingly soluble salt
Experiment 5: Thermodynamics of a galvanic cell

(Midterm exam)

Experiment 6: Difference between a galvanic cell and an electrolytic cell
Experiment 7: Verification of Tafel equation for hydrogen evolution reaction at a platinum electrode
Experiment 8: Corrosion of two different metals
Experiment 9: Cyclic voltammetric study of ferrocyanide/ferricyanide redox couple
Experiment 10: Hydrogen evolution reaction overpotential on different electrodes

(Final exam)



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