عقاقير   -   1

يتناول هذا المقرر موضوعين رئيسيين، الأول يضم مقدمة عن علم العقاقير  الخام  ومصادرها الطبيعية وموادها الفعالة وطرق تحضيرهـا واستعمالاتها الصيدليه والطبية. أما الجزء الثاني فيشمل مقدمة عن أساسيات التحليل الكروماتوجرافي بأنواعه المختلفه وتطبيقاته  المهمة  في مجال تحليل الأدوية. 

 PHG 222: Pharmacognosy  - 1

The course comprises two main themes, the first is an introduction to Pharmacognosy covering drugs of natural origin. This includes their sources, bioactive constituents, and preparation for pharmaceutical use. The second part of the course covers chromatographic principles and methodologies including planar (PC, TLC and related techniques such as electrophoresis) and Columnar (GLC, HPLC, LC, IEC and GPC) chromatography as well as their applications in drug evaluation.
PHG 323

                         Coplementary and Alternative Medicine

The Course Outcomes:

1. Know the historical background and evolution of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

2. Gain awarness of current impact of CAM on the well-being of individuals.

3. Gain knowledge on the herb-drug interactions and their significance.

4. Know the relevant applications of each of these areas in health service.

5. Acquire the regulatory aspects of natural products-based pharmaceuticals.