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Muhammad Nasir



علوم الحاسب والمعلومات

Selecting the best alternative SOA service bus for C4I systems using multi-criteria decision making technique

Alghamdi, Abdullah S . 2010

A Service Bus is a distributed infrastructure used for enterprise integration. It resolves the problem of connecting heterogeneous C4I systems among various defense forces. The current work focuses on describing a detailed comparative analysis of three SOA service buses; Mule, Fuse and GlassFish for C4I systems using Multi-criteria Decision Making Technique (MCDM). In this paper, the phenomenon of selecting the best alternative is based on two criteria; main criteria and sub-criteria. The presented results may be used for integrating different C4I systems and can further assist enterprises in selecting a service bus in an optimized way.

Conference Location
Listvyanka, Russia
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Computational Technologies in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (SIBIRCON), 2010 IEEE Region 8 International Conference on
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