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Prof. Dr. Mohammad Rezaul Karim



كلية الهندسة

REEN 521 Solar Cell and Module Technology (First Semester 2020-2021)

Semiconductor Materials: Conduction theory, E-k curves, energy bandgaps, effective mass, direct and indirect transitions, carrier statistics, intrinsic and extrinsic behavior, mobility, diffusion, scattering, equilibrium and non-equilibrium behavior, recombination, optical and thermal properties.
Semiconductor Devices: p-n junctions, depletion region, derivation of I-V characteristics in the dark, Ideal diode under illumination, loss mechanisms for real diodes, series and shunt resistances, interface states, heterojunctions, anderson model, current transport models, window layers, introduction to multijunction concepts.
Material Fabrication Technologies: Purification of silicon, zone refining and gettering, segregation coefficient, growth of crystalline silicon, Bridgemann, Czochralski and floating zone methods, epitaxial growth methods, MBE, MOCVD, LPE, VPE. Thin flim deposition methods, evaporation, sputtering, wet chemical, spray pyrolysis, screen printing.
Device Fabrications: Doping, alloying, diffusion and implantation, device processing methods, deposition and anti-reflection coatings, photolithography. Dry and wet etching. Surface texturing and passivation techniques.

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