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Dr. Metab Saleh Alharbi | د. متعب بن صالح الحربي

Associate Professor

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كلية الصيدلة
College of Pharmacy | Building 23 | second floor | Room 2B 65

Advanced Pharmacology-PHL513

This course focuses on advanced knowledge in pharmacological aspects and therapeutic applications of drugs acting on cardiovascular system ,diabetes and hyperlipidemia. More emphasis will be directed toward the molecular signaling mechanisms, drug targets, recent research trends, and hotspots in cardiovascular, diabetes and hyperlipidemia. In addition, it will give emphasis on the decision-making process utilized to safely and effectively prescribe and monitor pharmaco-therapeutics appropriate to the patient situation as well as aspects of clinical usefulness such as contraindications, interactions and adverse reactions. Several hypothetical signaling mechanisms will be studied in details regarding the cardiovascular diseases and metabolic disorders.

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