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Mohamed Hassan El-Newehy


Professor of Organic Chemistry (Polymer Chemistry and Nanomaterials)

كلية العلوم
Building 5, Second Floor, Office 2B 87

CHEM 342; Polymers & Petrochemicals

Part one.
Polymers, definition, properties, general synthesis, types of polymerization systems, copolymerization and their stereochemistry.
Part two.
Industrial application: natural oil, importance, properties , its origin and structure, methods of petrochemical production, chemistry of industrial fibers, brief on chemical industries in the Kingdom, used technology in manufacturing polyethylenes, polystyrenes, PVC and natural rubber.

 References and Textbooks:
1) Principles of Stereochemistry and Polymers, by Salem s. Al-Theyb and A. Hijazi (in Arabic).
2) Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries  By Prof. Salem S. Al- Theyab 

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