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Mohamed Hassan El-Newehy


Professor of Organic Chemistry (Polymer Chemistry and Nanomaterials)

كلية العلوم
Building 5, Second Floor, Office 2B 87

CHEM 241; Organic Chemistry (II)

Course Description:
This course is the continuation of the organic chemistry I and it included the following topics:  
Organic halide (preparation and reactions –nucleophilic substitution reaction SN1 and SN2); Alcohols and phenols ((Nomenclature IUPAC, properties, synthesis and reactions of alcohols and phenols, their applications), Ethers and epoxides: Nomenclature, properties, synthesis and Reactions; Aldehydes and ketones: Nomenclature, properties, synthesis and Reactions, nucleophilic addition reaction and their reactivity's; and applications, Carboxylic acids and their derivatives: Nomenclature, properties and acidities, synthesis and reactions and their applications, Amino compounds: Nomenclature, properties-basicity, synthesis and Reactions and applications in organic synthesis via diazonioum salts derivatives.


  • Recognize the bases of the nomenclature, preparation and chemical behavior of the related functional groups: organic halides, alcohols, ethers, epoxides, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids and their derivatives in addition to amines.
  • Describe the mechanisms of reactions, in particular nucleophilic, electyrophilic substitution, elimination reaction and nucleophilic addition
  • Outline the Scheme of the reaction including multi step reactions
  • Estimate the reactivity of organic compounds towards electrophilic, nucleophilic substitutions and addition reactions. 
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