Path 231

Credit Hours:

6 credit hours

Course Description:

A course designated for dental students and teaches the basic concepts of pathology. The course is divided into theoretical lectures and practical slide sessions.

Course Contents:

1. Inflammation and repair

1.1 Definition, causes and manifestations of inflammation

1.2 Inflammatory cells

1.3 Inflammatory response and inflammatory mediators

1.4 Types of inflammation and complications

1.5 Wound healing and repair

2. Granulomatous diseases

2.1 Definition of a granuloma and causes of granulomatous inflammation

2.2 Actinomycosis and Leishmaniasis

3. Environmental and nutritional disorders

3.1 Smoking and its side effects

3.2 Radiation injury

3.3 Nutritional disorders; malnutrition, obesity and vitamin deficiencies

4. Hemodynamics

4.1 Hemorrhage and hyperemia

4.2 Infarction, thrombosis and emboli

4.3 Coagulopathies and shock

5. Neoplasia

5.1 Definition, classifications and nomenclature

5.2 Characteristics of benign and malignant tumors

5.3 Carcinogenesis

5.4 Causes of cancer

5.5 Epidemiological factors in carcinogenesis, grading and staging


Kumar V, Abbas AK, Aster JC. Robbins Basic Pathology. 9th ed. Elsevier Saunders; 2013. Philadelphia, PA