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Mona S Alwahaibi منى بنت سليمان الوهيبي

Associate Professor

Faculty member

كلية العلوم
Building 5 Third Floor Office 299



introduction/brief CV

 ان العلم المجرد ليس فيه ثمرة توجب القرب من الله تعالى ما لم يزين العلم بالأدب والأخلاق

areas of expertise

باحثة وادارية ومدربة معتمدة، ولدي خبرة في تعريف النباتات 

ممارس للجودة، ومراجع معتمد للبرامج الاكاديمية في مجال علم الاحياء 





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The unpredictably changing climatic conditions, especially high temperatures, are putting a continuous
threat to sustainable cotton production. The current study was designed to investigate…

by Mona S.Alwhibi, Muhammad Irfan Yousaf
Published in:
Journal of King Saud University – Science

In-vitro chemical characterization and mosquitocidal screening of essential oil derived from Mikania scandens (L.) Willd. (Asteraceae) (CVO-MS) against the malarial vector Anopheles gambiae was…

by Radhakrishnan, N., Karthi, S, Raghuraman, P., Ganesan, R, Srinivasan, K, Edwin, E, Mona S. alwahibi

In the current times, nanotechnology has emerged as a field that promises scientific advancement with the manipulation, improvement, and application of near-atomic scale materials.Bimetallic…

by Mona S.Alwhibi, Khalid M.O.Ortashi, Awatif A.Hendi, M.A.Awad, Dina A.Soliman, MohamedEl-Zaidy

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The general course objective is to introduce the students to the skills needed for fieldwork required for floristic studies. The students will learn how to collect the plant's…


This course covers advanced topics and flowering plant taxonomy (Principles of plant taxonomy, plant identification, nomenclature and classification, different sources of taxonomic evidences, and…


Soil as seed storage, Dynamics of seed reproduction in plants, Post-dispersal of seed and prior danger, Seed dormancy and its effects on germination. Example of seed dormancy and the strategy of…

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