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Mohammed Ibrahim Alquraishi

Assistant Professor

Faculty member

كلية العلوم الطبية التطبيقية
2289, Building:24

CHS 268

Students in this course study in deep the dietary management of acute diseases, in which the diet plays an important role in the treatment, relieving or in the prevention of those diseases.  Also the course covers the role of nutrition in the treatment of metabolic stress cases (e.g. burns, surgery, injuries, cancer) and the metabolic changes that occurs after exposure to a metabolic stress stimulus (e.g. the production and functions of free radicals, cytokines and acute-phase proteins) . The practical part of the course include presenting some class-case studies and hospital visits to teach the student on how to obtain the information from the medical record, analyze it, and how to write a nutrition report, and also to be more familiar with the diet therapy of the diseases that covers in the theoretical part of the course.

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