ENG 323 Linguistics II

Eng. 323 - Linguistics I
2 hours
Olaisha campus

This course, as a continuation to Eng. 320 (Linguistics I), constitutes part II of the introduction of students to the discipline of linguistics. It introduces the students to the areas of pragmatics, discourse analysis, psycholinguistics, and sociolinguistics.
1. Define the basic concepts of pragmatics
2. Apply the theoretical concepts of speech act theory, Grice’s maxims, and politeness theory to linguistic situations.
3. Explain the role of context in interpreting utterances in relation to speech acts, maxims, and politeness choices.
4. Define the basic concepts of psycholinguistics: language and the brain, 1st and second language acquisition and second language acquisition.
5. Explain the relationship between language and the brain.
6. Explain basic issues related to first and second language acquisition.
7. Discuss the differences between first and second language acquisition
8. Explain how language varies socially and regionally.
Methods of Assessments:
50%  midterm examinations
10%  presentations
40%  Final examination