ENG 114 Composition I


Course Title:  Composition 1(Paragraph Writing)


Course Number: Eng. 114 


Course Level:  3


Prerequisite:   None


Course Status:  Compulsory


Credit Hours:  3 


Hours of Instruction per Week:  3 




Smalley, Regina L.; Ruetten, Mary K. & Kozyrev, Joann R.  (2000). Refining

Composition Skills: Rhetoric & Grammar. 5th edition. Heinle & Heinle Publishers: NY.


Course Description:


This course aims at introducing students to basic concepts of paragraph writing,  this covers pre-writing techniques and moves onward to more defined paragraph-related elements including restricted topics; developed topic sentences; well-organized, effective support of the controlling idea; as well as coherence and unity.  A review of appropriate grammatical structures is also provided where necessary.  Two kinds of paragraphs highlighted in this course are the narrative and the descriptive paragraphs.





By the end of the course, the students will be able to:

1-      ‪Apply their knowledge of the writing process stages

2-      ‪Practice techniques for generating ideas such as keeping a journal, brainstorming and free-writing

3-      ‪Identify the topic of the paragraph

4-      ‪Write a good topic sentence with a controlling idea

5-      ‪Add supporting ideas to clarify the main idea

6-      ‪Write a unified and coherent paragraph

7-      ‪Write a narrative paragraph and organize ideas using chronological development and adverbial clauses of time and sequence

8-      ‪Describe places and people through use of spatial organization, imagery, adverbials of place and adjective clauses

9-      ‪Use elements of description such as sounds, smell and sight

10- ‪Express their attitude and feelings towards what they are narrating or describin




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