ENG 120 Vocabulary Building

Course Name: 120 Najl Vocabulary Building 


Credit Hours: 2


Pre-requisite: None

Level/year at which this course is offered :    Level 1level/ 1st year

Location:  Alsharq campus


This 1st level course aims at helping students expand their vocabularies' list where they are expected to learn the meaning and the spelling of new words regarding different topics. Dictionary skills are developed in this class where students are trained how to figure out the meaning, the form, and the pronunciation of difficult words.

The purpose of this course is to review basic vocabulary and to help students expand their vocabularies’ list through the use of different techniques such as affixes, word formation .. etc. Students should be able to Write the meanings of 450 newly introduced words, spell these new words, use these new words in meaningful sentences and change the part of speech of these words.


 Methods of assessment:

·      Quizzes                        ( 10% )

·      2. Midterms
                  ( 50% )

·      3. Final written exam   ( 40% )


Text Book:

 Thomas, B J. Intermediate Vocabulary. England, Longman Group Limited, 1995.


Course Materials