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Mohammed M. Aljuaid

Assistant Professor


كلية إدارة الأعمال
Health Administration Department, Business Administration College, Office # S271

HHA 527- International Health Care Systems Overview

This course aims to expose students to, and engage them in, all-encompassing thinking of ‘health systems’ and the importance of a horizontal approach to health system investment to achieve better health outcomes. The course also aims to provide insight into a range of elements of the health systems, namely; stewardship and organisational arrangements, financing, resource allocation, provider payment systems and service provision as well as other disciplines including organisational behaviour, health policy, information systems and human resources in order to strengthen students’ capacities to think as effective health leaders. 


By the end of this Course, students should be able to:

1.       Identify Health system goals and objectives;

2.       Demonstrate an understanding of the global health systems landscape and the challenges and opportunities for securing universal health coverage;

3.       Identify key components of well-functioning health systems, and the importance of the interplay between the 6 health system building blocks;

4.       Critically compare different health system models;

5.       introduce the analytical frameworks for analysing health systems and the context within which health policy exists;

6.    Familiar with international health system development trends.


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