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Mohammed M. Aljuaid

Assistant Professor


كلية إدارة الأعمال
Health Administration Department, Business Administration College, Office # S271

HHA 501- Health Administration

This course provides an overview of the role of the hospital administrator. Much of your success as leaders, managers, and professionals will depend on how well you work with and get things done through others.

The course aims to provide insight into a range of elements of the health care management, namely; personality and emotional intelligence, motivation, teamwork, leadership, power and influence, culture. The study of this course involves examining processes at the individual, group and organisational levels.


By the end of this Course, students should be able to:

  1. Draw on concepts and themes from the diverse disciplines that contribute to our understanding of human behaviour in organisational settings;
  2. Develop analytical skills that will be used in identifying, diagnosing and evaluating key organisational issues;
  3. Apply theoretical concepts to real life organisational scenarios through the use of case studies in class;
  4. Develop an understanding of key aspects of organisational behaviour and human resource management and their relation to organisational functioning and performance.
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