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Musaed N. J. AlAwad مساعد ناصر العواد


Adjunct Professor - Oil and Gas Well Drilling Engineering (Rock Mechanics)

كلية الهندسة
King Saud University, College of Engineering, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department, Building 3, Office 2B81, Main Campus, Derayah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

My Book / Ptroleum and ........

We cannot see alternative fuels playing a substantial role in the short or medium terms, oil and natural gas will continue playing an essential part in the world's energy needs.  Oil and natural gas touch our lives in numerous ways every day. Together, they supply more than 65% of the world's energy.  They fuel cars, heat homes, cook food, and generate the electricity that powers our daily lives.


Petroleum and natural gas engineering is the application of the basic sciences to the development, recovery and processing of oil and gas fields.  As its name suggests, this book provides readers with introductory information on oil and natural gas industry and engineering. It was written primarily to students at the university level, whose contribution will be crucial to the energy industry for continuing ability to supply the world.

This book also is an essential reference for non engineering petroleum industry technical and nontechnical professionals. It addresses several petroleum and natural gas engineering issues including principals of oil and gas generation, exploration techniques, reserves estimation, field development, production optimization, reservoir management, the aspects of well drilling and completing, oil refining, oil and gas transportation, oil spill, and basic oil and gas economics. Additionally, the essential units and conversion factors were discussed in a simplified manner.
It must be said that, this book has distilled many years of experience and knowledge from numerous sources worldwide as well as the long experience of the author.  Special thanks for the Research Center at College of Engineering in King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for the provided financial support required to initiate this work.
Thanks are extended to my professors, colleagues, and students for their valuable suggestions, comments and encouragement.