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Maha Meshal Abdullah AlRasheed MSc. PhD.

Associate Professor

Advisor of H.E. The President of Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University

كلية الصيدلة
Building 8, Floor 3, Office 34

Annual Graduation Research Report Booklet 2020

The goal of the graduation project is to give you an opportunity to exhibit your knowledge, skills, techniques, and abilities that you have acquired and polished during your presence as an undergraduate student at the College of Pharmacy and to become responsible professional of competence and integrity in the area of health performance. When setting graduation research criteria, our goals were to offer you the opportunity to choose your research area of interest, to empower yourself with key knowledge and skills, to advance in your career, to understand the research process, to learn lab techniques, to develop skills in results’ interpretation and data analysis. Today, upon completion of your graduation project, it should fulfill all of these elements. The ultimate goal of any researcher is to disseminate his work and make a substantial contribution to the public domain of science such as conference participation and publication in a prestigious journal. Therefore, the College of Pharmacy was keen to hold an annual forum to highlight research projects of final-year undergraduate and post graduate students. The event that students and faculty are waiting every year, to present their achievements, to share memories, and to compete on awards. Unfortunately, this year, the tenth College of Pharmacy Research Day has been suspended. We were preparing to celebrate with you the tenth anniversary of the Research Day, but for the hard circumstances, and due to its suspension, we would like to congratulate all students on their success and we wish that you will participate in the upcoming Research Day. In this College of Pharmacy Graduation Research Report, we present how you worked tirelessly from working in the lab, conducting research, writing manuscript, and presenting at conferences. Finally, I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. This past challenging year was filled with so many accomplishments because of our talented students and faculty.
I hope you enjoy the summer months.

Maha Meshal AlRasheed
Chair, Graduation Research Committee
& the 10th College of Pharmacy Research Day Executive Committee