Overview of different types of immune responses – cellular interaction in the immune system – the immune response regulation – Immunogenetics – Autoimmunity and autoimmunte diseases (causes of autoimmune diseases – classification of autoimmune diseases – immunopathology of autoimmune diseases - autoimmune diseases in Saudi Arabia)- Immunodeficiency diseases (Classification of Immunodeficiency diseases- primary Immunodeficiency diseases – acquired Immunodeficiencies – Immunodeficiency diseases in Saudi Arabia)- Immunology of transplantation (overview of organ transplantation – immunological mechanisms in hyperacute rejection - immunological mechanisms in acute rejection - immunological mechanisms in chronic rejection - organ transplantation in Saudi Arabia)- Tumour immunology (overview of cancer incidence in Saudi Arabia – causes of malignancy – tumour antigens – tumour cell evasion of the immune response – tumour immunotherapy).
Main topics:
1) Basic concepts of the Immune System
2) Immuntolerance
3) Autoimmunity
4) Hypersensitive immunity
5) Cancer immunology
6) Immunodeficience
7) Analysis of selected papers

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