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أستاذ مشارك بقسم علم الحيوان

البريد الإلكتروني: lmansour@ksu.edu.sa

المكتب:  قسم علم الحيوان 113 أب الدور الأرضي

الهاتف: 966114675789+

Website: http://fac.ksu.edu.sa/lmansour
lms portal: https://lms.ksu.edu.sa


My master degree was carried out at Pasteur Institute of Tunis in the Laboratory of Immunogenetics and Parasitology. My PhD thesis was carried out in France, on a topic of genomics and biology of parasites, where I was involved in a project of sequencing of the genome of a microsporidian parasite of fish, the study of the dynamics and the genome evolution of these parasites through comparative based analysis and the study of the diversity of these parasites through the structural and molecular characterization of some new species of fish parasites in Tunisia and France. After my PhD, I was engaged in the study of the diversity of several parasites of fish and other organisms using the molecular tools and phylogenetic analyzes. This allowed us to identify several new species in Tunisia and Saudi Arabia. I also continue working in the field of immunogenetics, by the research of genetic polymorphic markers in human that may be involved in some disease as malignant diseases or infections




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