Curcumin Extract as a Green Inhibitor of Leaching from Aluminum Cookware at Quasi-Cooking Conditions

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Green and Sustainable Chemistry
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Curcumin aqueous extract is used successfully as a green corrosion inhibitor at quasi-cooking
conditions (90˚C) to inhibit leaching from Aluminum cook wares in solutions containing vegetables
or meat. Aluminum cook wares were bought from the market from four countries and cut to
make the Aluminum samples. Six types of vegetables and three kinds of meat were chosen. Each
type of vegetable and meat was used to prepare 30% w/v aqueous solutions. Three methods were
used in the present study: Gravimetric method, Atomic Absorption and FTIR. Gravimetric method
was applied to determine the leaching rate and the corrosion inhibition efficiency with/without
NaCl. The effect of Curcumin concentration, Tab water, immersion time, alloying elements was investigated.
There was a good consistency between Gravimetric and Atomic Absorption methods.
The adsorption of Curcumin on the aluminum surface was in accordance with Langmuir isotherm.
The values of the adsorption constant (Kads) and the free energy of adsorption ( ΔGaods ) were calculated
and discussed. FTIR spectrum indicated that Curcumin coordinated with Al3+ resulting in the
formation of Al3+-Curcumin complex on the metal surface. Using a small amount of Curcumin decreased
leaching from Aluminum cook wares into food by 60% - 80% depending about the type of