The inhibition effect of cinnamon extract on leaching of Aluminum cook wares in NaCl Solutions at quasi- cooking condition

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Journal of Surface Engineered Materials and Advanced Technology
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The contribution of cinnamon extract on leaching of Aluminum (Al) cook wares was investigated using
two Aluminum alloys (Indian and Egyptian) and pure Al. The cinnamon (Cin) was extracted by heating
the Cin sticks at 90 ⁰C in distilled water for an hour to make the 10% stock solution. This study was done
in aqueous solutions in presence and absence of 1% NaCl using weight loss at 90 ºC. Moreover surface
study (SEM and EDX) and electrochemical methods (Open Circuit Potential and Tafel plot) were applied.
The addition of Cin solutions to 1% NaCl decreased the corrosion rates in weight loss and electrochemical
method compared to 1% NaCl solutions which showed an inhibitive property of Cin solution. The inhibition
was found to obey the modified Langmuir isotherm with a negative Langmuir ΔGads indicating
the spontaneous nature of adsorption even at 90 ⁰C. The EDX surface analysis of the Al surface immersed
in Cin + NaCl revealed the composition of the pits formed. From Tafel method, it was found that the corrosion
current density of pure Al was more than that of the Egyptian alloy. The apparent activation energy
values for Cin, Cin +NaCl and NaCl solution were evaluated and discussed.

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