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د. خالد بن عبدالعزيز النويبت

Associate Professor

عضو هيئة تدريس

كلية العلوم
كلية العلوم مبنى 4 الدور الأرضي أ ب 27

History of the Department and its Purpose at a Glance

The science of Statistics appeared initially in the university as a submajor in the department of Mathematics since 1958 (1378 H). In 1979 (1399 H), the department of Statistics was established as a separate major in the Collage Science offering a Bachelors degree in Statistics. Since then, the department has developed rapidly. In 1980 (1400 H), the department started to offer a Master’s degree in Statistics. In addition, the number of students enrolled in the department had greatly increased especially after offering another Bachelor’s degree in the field of Operations Research by year 1986 (1406 H). Currently, the department offers the Master’s of Science degree in both Statistics and Operations Research.

The services of the department span to reach other fields within and out of the university.
Within the university, the department services other colleges through teaching special courses for students in: Engineering, Computer Science, Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and others. The department, also, provides the required statistical consultations and data analysis for researchers in the university. On the other hand, the department provides recommendations and scientific consultations for private sector in production planning and optimal use of resources through its major in Operations Research.

Department Location and Resources

The department of Statistics and Operations Research constitutes two separate locations in College of Science Building(4). The first location is in the ground flour. This location consists of offices for staff members, class rooms and large computer labs to facilitate the teaching and research needs of the last year and the graduate students of the department. The second location is in the second flour of building (4) adjacent to Physics department. The second location contains the department chair’s office, staff members offices, offices for teaching and research assistants and the department library. Currently, the department has 4 professors, 13 associate professors, and 7 assistant professors. In addition, there are 10 people work for the department as research assistants, research assistants and technicians. It is worth mentioning that most of the staff members are actively involved in research reviewing and refereeing for scientific publications. Also, some of the department’s staff members participate in (مجلس النشر العلمي) for number of journals. Finally, the department published through its staff a total of 50 books in both languages: Arabic and English.