Graduation Projects

IT Bachelor Projects:

  • Digital Learning Object Repository (2008).
  • Student Quick-Response System for Mobile Phones (2008).
  • Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth Based M-Learning System (2009) - Won Third Place in Best Posters Award (International Conference on Innovations in Information Technology (IIT'09)).
  • Semantic Social Network for Breast Cancer (2009)
  • Arabic Sign Language Translator for Mobile phones (2010)
  • Arabic Adaptive Hypermedia System (2010)
  • Nintendo DS/DSi Interactive Classroom (2011)
  • Web Accessibility Evaluation Framework (2012) - Won Funding from MOTAH program by KACST.
  • CHEMOTION: Chemistry in Motion (2014)
  • Mr. Saud: NAO Robot for Kindergarten (2015) - Won First Place in Advanced Electronics Company competition. 
  • A Mobile App for Color-Coding Arabic Text (2015) - Won Second Place in IT project Fair. 
  • Basma - An Interactive Doll System for Arabic Speaking Children (2017) - Won First Place in Advanced Electronics Company competition. Published a journal Article indexed in Scopus. 
  • AbjadBlocks (2018) - Won First Place in Advanced Electronics Company competition - Won First Place in TAKAFUL competition- Won a Grant from KSU Undergraduate Students Research Support Program - Filed a Patent. 

IT Master Projects:

  • Enhancing Mobile KLM Model for Visually Impaired Users to Measure the Efficiency of Mobile Application Designs (2016) - Published paper in INTERACT 2017.
  • Serious Games for Upper Limb Stroke Rehabilitation (2017) - Won First Place in CCIS Msc projects competition. Won Third Place for Best Posters Award in The second International Saudi Health Informatics Conference (ISHIC'17). Published paper in Mobile Information Systems (IF=1.462 Q2).
  • EscapeVR: an immersive virtual reality escape room gaming enviornment (2018).
  • Promoting Physical Activities Among People with Low Back Pain Using Virtual Reality. Published paper in PETRA 2018
  • ArWA: Arabic Writing Aid Tool Based on Deep Learning for Error Detection (2018). Published paper in ICDIM 2018 and ACLING 2018
  • Deep Faseeh (2019).