Mechanical Behavior of Materials (MSE-552)

Course Topics:

  • Review of Structure and Deformation in Materials: Structure in crystalline materials, Elastic deformation and theoretical strength, Mechanisms of plastic deformation, Deformation behavior under mechanical testing, etc.


  • Stress and strains: Cauchy definition of stress, principle stresses and invariants, alternative stress definitions, hydrostatic and deviatoric stress parts, infinitesimal and finite strain definitions, three-dimensional state of stress, etc.


  • Elasticity and Viscoelasticity: Linear elasticity, Generalized Hook’s law, Isotropic and anisotropic elastic deformations, Time dependent deformation, Viscoelastic models: Maxwell, Kelvin, Zener, and standard linear models, Creep and Stress relaxation in viscoelastic materials, etc.


  • Plasticity: Yield criteria: Tresca and Von-Mises, Effective stress (Von-Mises), Strain hardening: Isotropic and kinematic, Plastic potential theory, Deformation theory of plasticity, Rate-independent and rate-dependent plasticity, crystal plasticity, etc.


  • Creep: Time-dependent plastic deformation, Temperature dependence of creep, Idealization of creep (1D), etc.


  • Fatigue: Stress life approach, Strain life approach, Fracture mechanics approach, Crack propagation, etc.


  • Fracture: Introduction to linear elastic and elastic-plastic fracture mechanics.
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