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هدى بنت محمد الحمود


محاضرة، قسم نظم المعلومات الإدارية

كلية إدارة الأعمال
مبنى 3, الدورالثاني, مكتب 140

477 نما


Depending on what has been studied about principles and tools to manage information technology projects, the student will be trained to execute practical project and manage it proficiently.  The department will provide a list of projects which the student chooses from, or the student can propose a project out of the list after the approval from the department.  The student will provide the following: proposal for the project, follow up reports for the project, and final report for the project.

Students will gain training on the practical implementation and management of a practical project in the field of information systems. Depending on what has been studied and understood the principles and project management tools, information technology students will be trained on these skills through the implementation of practical and professional management. The department will provide a list of projects that students can check them, and the applicant can propose a project from outside the list after the adoption of the section, and should apply the methods and tools learned in previous courses and in particular in project management and systems analysis and design, and make a presentation to a committee of the department. 

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