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Sartaj Fatima



كلية إدارة الأعمال
CBA,Building 3,Second Floor ,3S 208

MIS 437 E Business

It would be an understatement to say that the Internet has created frantic investment and hype over the last nine years. Strategies are maturing, and it seems that a compromise between the online and physical world is likely to be effective; the usefulness of incorporating bricks with clicks emerged about 3 years ago. Customer relationship and supply chain management serve to handle the input and output streams, and back end processes tie them together.
The business world completely ignored the Internet until 1994, then became completely obsessed with it. The most recent survey (which has not been updated since then) tells us that as of September 2002 there are over 606 million potential current customers (current users) worldwide.
Because this course is an IS course and is meant to expose contemporary managerial thought associated with a new and dynamic environment, the information technologies associated with the delivery of Internet sites, etc. will be only briefly mentioned. If the student has an interest in learning to build web pages or to develop databases, search engines, intelligent agents, etc., the instructor suggests different projects for this course. For this Course Internet Application course will be very helpful because students will learns the technology in this subject and will apply it in E-commerce course.

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