From Mobile to Wearable System: A Wearable RFID System to Enhance Teaching and Learning Conditions

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LarabiMarie-Sainte, Souad . 2016
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Over the last decade, wearable technology has seen significant developments, making it possible to enhance our lives. One of the
areas in which wearable technology can cause large changes is education, where it can be used to make educational experiences
intrinsicallymotivating and more relevant to youth culture. In this paper, we focus on the use of wearable technology to improve the
educational environment.The quantity of electronic assets used in the learning environment is rising, which presents a managerial
problem when these devices are nonfunctioning. Therefore, we present a mobile application to solve this problem.The suggested
approach consists of creating a mobile application named classroom clinic (CRC) to help faculty members and students locate the
closest maintenance technician via wearable radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and to provide fast responses to the
problems alerted to in the classroom, thereby avoiding any disturbances or delays during the lecture. Moreover, this application allows the maintenance service to efficiently manage any malfunctions of classroom electronic devices. To evaluate the CRC application, a pilot study was conducted at the College of Computer and Information Sciences, female campus of King Saud University, with 15 faculty members and students and 5 clinic members. The results showed high usability rates and generally positive attitudes towards using the app.