Islam and Human Life: Beyond Ancient Needs

Conference Paper
Sadiq, Ebtisam Ali . 2013
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Religious Writings
Islam, Contemporary Life
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Religious Faith and Social and Applied Sciences
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Utah, USA
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Utah Valley University
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This paper is expository in nature. It attempts to describe how Islam came in response to a cultural need to civilize the ancient Arabs but is fit for all times and people. The faith’s influence proved to be thorough. Its legislative matter covers all aspects of human life: social, political, economic, and educational. It also delineates the paths to good health, scientific progress and human relationships including family ties, matrimonial matters, and inheritance distribution. However, Muslims seem to have a lax hold on Islam. There is a big gap between ideological awareness and practical application. This paper will attempt to highlight both the comprehensive nature of Islam’s legislative system and its interest in human welfare as well as the decline in Muslims’ reliance on the faith despite its usefulness to different aspects of human life. 

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