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Eldaw Elzaki Eldukhri

Associate Professor


كلية الهندسة فرع المزاحمية
Office S114, Second Floor, College of Applied Engineering, Muzahimiyah Campus

Automatic Control (AEE 3520) - Level 8

This course explores the topic of Automatic Control System Analysis. The syllabus includes:
Introduction to systems and control, Review of mathematical material extensively used in the course, System Representation (block diagram, transfer function, Signal flow graphs and Masson’s Formula), State variable analysis and state space representation of control systems, Stability of linear control systems (BIBO, Routh-Hurwitz Criterion), Time domain analysis of control systems (transient and steady –state, timing analysis), Root locus techniques, Frequency domain analysis (Nyquist plots), Frequency domain analysis (Bode Plots), Modelling of electric and mechanical systems, Review and introduction to controller design.

Recommended Textbook and References:
1Modern Control Engineering (5th Edition) by K. Ogata, 2007 (Prentice Hall).
2. Automatic Control Systems (7th Edition) by Benjamin C. Kuo, 2003 (Wiley).
3. Linear Control System Analysis and Design (5th Edition) by D’Azzo, 2003, (McGraw-Hill).

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