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Eldaw Elzaki Eldukhri

Associate Professor


كلية الهندسة فرع المزاحمية
Office S114, Second Floor, College of Applied Engineering, Muzahimiyah Campus

Electric Circuits and Machines (AME 3620) - Level 7

Voltage, current, power, Energy, Resistance, Ohm’s Law and Series DC Network, Series and Parallel Networks, Current Sources, (Voltage Kirchhoff Law), (Current Kirchhoff Law), Mesh Theorem and Nodal Theorem, DC Network Theorem: (Superposition) and (Thevenin’s), DC Network Theorem (Norton’s) and (Maximum Power Transfer), Sinusoidal (AC) Waveform, Resistance, Inductance and Capacitance in AC Networks, Phasors and Complex Numbers, Series and Parallel in AC Networks, Mesh Theorem and Nodal Theorem, AC Network Theorem: (Superposition) and (Thevenin’s), AC Network Theorem (Norton’s) and (Maximum Power Transfer), Transformers and Generator, Induction Motors and Induction machine.

Recommended Textbook and References:
1. Introductory Circuit Analysis by Robert L.  Boylestad (Latest edition)
2. Introduction to Electrical Engineering by C. R. Paul, 
S. A. Nasar, L. E. Unnewether (McGraw-Hill, 5th Edition 1977)

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