Considering Environmental Sustainability as a Tool For Manufacturing Decision Making and ‎Future Development‎

Journal Article
A..‎, ‎14.‎ Nazzal Y., Abuamarah B., Kishawy H. A., and Rosen M. . 2013
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Magazine \ Newspaper
Research Journal of Environmental and Earth Geosciences ‎
Issue Number
ISSN: 2041-0484; e-ISSN: 2041-0492
Volume Number
‎5 (4),‎
‎193 -200. ‎
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Abstract: The natural environment and the manufacturing function are becoming inextricably linked. Profitability, productivity and environmental consciousness are increasingly viewed as integral of manufacturing organizations. For manufacturers, environmental sustainability is dependent upon decisions made throughout a product life cycle which includes research, development and manufacturing processes. The present research study describes how environmental sustainability, manufacturing, decision making and green manufacturing are important for the future development and the main priorities in developing new manufacturing processes. The study discussed various models and concepts to make the links among the above mentioned variables and reached to important conclusion that collaboration in needed for increased research and knowledge, exchange in the field of environmental sustainability.