Study of the compositional, Mechanical and Magnatic properties of Saudi Meteorite

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Abuamarah, ‎8.‎ M. Atif, Sadiq, W.A. Farooq, M.Ali, V. Masilaimani, M.S. AlSalhi, Bassam A. . 2018
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Conference of the Arabian Journal of Geosciences CAJG 2018
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Repulic of Tunisia
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Sponsoring Organization
the Arabian Journal of Geosciences (AJGS)
Publication Abstract

In the current study, the experimental results of the investigation on the compositional, mechanical and magnetic properties of Saudi meteorite were presented.
Meteorite specimen was examined using techniques like scanning electron microscopy, EDAX, Backscattered electron imaging, XRD, hardness testing (Rockwell, Vicker, Brinell) and magnetic properties measurements. The composition analysis results of the meteorite reveal
that it is essentially composed of an iron-Ni alloy with iron playing a dominant role. The hardness testing shows that the meteorite is formed of soft material with a Rockwell hardness of 22.5 HRC. Furthermore the magnetic measurement also supports the fact that the meteorite
specimen is a soft ferromagnetic material. The saturation magnetization (Ms) of 0.701 emu/g was found for the saturation field of (Hs) = 5025 Oe. No trace of radioactivity is revealed when using a sensitive GM