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أشواق سليمان عبد الرحمن المانع



العلوم اﻹنسانية واﻻجتماعية

السيرة الذاتية باللغة الانجليزية

General Introduction:

Currently I am in the process of completing my master’s degree, as I wish to enrich my knowledge and scientific capabilities in order to be able to give forward all my knowledge to the development of my society and its individuals and to help push the path of development with my knowledge and skills. I have had extensive training on the art of presentation, communication and dialogue skills. An extensive training on interviewing skills and methods in social service as I was awarded the bachelors of Arts degree in that field. I enjoy an analytic mind that can analyze and solve problems as I can interact with others thanks to my robust spirit and ability to adapt and learn fast. I also enjoy background in English language and was awarded a certificate from translation and languages faculty in King Saud University to complete the extensive course for postgraduate studies. I also passed the ICDL exam and worked as a volunteer in Weqaya society for a year and lead the Public Relation team in Student Partnership program in King Saud University for a year, as I worked as head of public relation team and a permanent member in the Volunteer Center for four months, as I worked as a member in retirement society and a member in the Saudi Society for Social Studies.  

Qualifications and Work Experience:

- Passed three levels of (Standard) Master’s Program in social services in King Saud University with a ratio of 4.94 out of 5.

- Bachelors of Arts Degree in Social Studies/ Social Services from King Saud University 1428-2007 A.C with a ratio of 4.08 out of 5.

- I attended an extensive course in English Language for postgraduates (Najm 056) for four months, from King Saud University, Faculty of Arts, Language and Translation Section. 

- I worked as head of public relation team in the volunteer center in King Saud University and this by means of planning for conventions and symposiums inside and outside the university, as well as supervision on the public relation team in the partnership volunteer center, in King Saud University.

- I worked as a trained social specialist in Center of the Mother of Prince Faisal bin Fahd for Autism for one year, and thence I gained skills of working within a team, communication skills, flexibility and ability to adapt and time management with the ability to make case studies, home visits for which I was granted “A+” grade.

- Giving a lecture in the faculty of social services for girls in Riyadh in the year 1428 titled “Introductory lecture about Center of the Mother of Prince Faisal bin Fahd for Autism” in the center.

- Giving a lecture in King Saud University titled “The role of Social Services with Autistic Children”

-  Volunteering for three months in Center of the Mother of Prince Faisal bin Fahd for Autism with Autistic children and families for (108 hours) in the year 1431H.

- I had honors from social studies department and this for being chosen as the Ideal Student in field training for the year 1428 H.

- I participated as a volunteer in the Book Fair held in Janadria in the year 1429.

-        Participation in blood donation campaigns in health affairs of the National Guard.

-        I acted as a volunteer and coordinator for “Scientific Arbitration”  that was held from 28 to 29 of Zu Al- Hija 1428 H in Imam Mohamed Bin Saud Islamic University.

-        I served as a volunteer for coordinating for a workshop about “Interviewing skills in social services” held in Security Forces Hospital for the year 1428 H.

-        I served as a volunteer in “ Awareness fair for protection from Drugs” in Hakeer land city for the year 1429

-        I volunteered to work as a coordinator

-        I volunteered as a coordinator in the symposium of “Divorce in the Saudi Society” held in Prince Salman Social club for the year 1428.

-        Worked in the convening committee for the first scientific conference for higher education students in King Fahd Cultural Center in Riyadh.

-        I attended a training course of the title “Interviewing skills and methods in social service” in 1427

-        Attending the sessions of the first forum for orphan care during the period from 12-14/5/1428 h.

-        Attending the forum held for the international day for social services under the title vocational practice for social services, morals, values and standards” that was held in 3 Jamada Al Awal 1428 h.

-        Attending the eleventh forum for social services and its topic is “towards the development of social and psychological practice development” period from 10-11 Zu Al Qeda 1426 h.

-         Attending a forum for social services in The King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center under the title “ Life stressors and its effect on children life” dated 12/3/1428 h

-        Attending the twelfth scientific forum for social services and its topic “quality and measurement in the social service” during the period from 10-11 Shawal 1428 h

-        Attending the thirteenth forum for social services and its topic is “social services and human rights” in the period from 16-17 Muharam 1430 h.

-        Attending a forum under the topic of “ Social, psychological and medical health of elderly people” in security forces in Riyadh dated 12/4/1431 h.

-        Attendance and participation in “ research skills in electronic references and internet” in the period from 26 to 28/10/1429 H in King Khaled eye specialist hospital in Riyadh

-         Attending the conference of urbanizations and city problems in Imam Mohamed Bin Saud Islamic University dated 25/5/1431 H.

-        Attending the monthly scientific conventions for Saudi Society for Social Studies in King Khaled eye specialist hospital and I enjoy the society membership.

-        Getting honors from King Saud University social studies department within “Honoring martyr families” for the year 1428 h.

-        Receiving a reward from King Saud University for two successive semesters in undergraduate study

-        Convening a visit for Riyadh orphanage and presenting conventions , contests and games for kids of all ages and supervision over public relations team contributing in convention volunteering and this on Thursday 27/11/1431 h

-        Convening the international day for volunteering in King Saud University and coordination of the same as a president of the public relation team for student partnership in the convention on Sunday 28/12/1431 h.

-        Contribution in the second scientific gathering for King Saudi University with a paper titled “Awareness of family violence and child abuse in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”.

-        Planning, coordination and leading the teams applying the campaign “My life is at your trust” to enlighten people about family violence and child abuse with National family security in 6th of Muharam 1432 h. corresponding with 12th of December 2919 in King Saud University with a symposium and practical workshop.


Other Interests:

- Care for volunteer and charity work in general.

- Interest in attending symposiums and scientific forums in humane and social fields

- Interest in reading self-development, social, and psychology and quotation books as well as reading daily chronicles

- Interest in writing articles for social and humane aspects and 3 of them were published

- Following social movies that reflect reality produced in the Arab world and internationally.


- Fast Learner

- Investment of time and personal planning


- I enjoy walking in the outdoors whenever possible as it gives me a chance for meditation, clear thinking and deep breathing

- Enjoy travelling for Islamic and historic monuments as well as touristic sights.


- Dr. Al Jazy Al Shubaiky former deputy head of social service department- King Saud University.

- Dr. Al Jawhara Al Saud Assistant Professor in Social Studies department- King Saud University.

_ Ms. Rania Al Barkhail head of social center in Center of the Mother of Prince Faisal bin Fahd for Autism

- Dr. Abdul Allah Al Moaeyed Head of general Society for Protection from Addiction