SRM 449 Applied research in sports and recreation management

 the main purpose for this course:

·         Provide a clear understanding of describing the components of survey research, sampling and its techniques. 

·         Enable students to compare and contrast data collection methods 

·         Enable students to design survey questions and a reliable and valid survey.

·         Provide students with understanding of how to analyze survey data.

·         Discuss the ethical and legal challenges inherent in survey research.   


This course provide student with an understanding of the process of applied research and the scientific method in sports and recreation management domain, including an introduction to statistics and computer applications. It prepares the student to analyze critically the scientific literature of sport and recreation. The course will present the major ways of conceptualizing and designing research, and acquiring, interpreting, and disseminating data through practicing related software programs. It will focus on applied research, with the expectation that the students will learn the practical application of research uses in the professional setting.

Course Materials