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Archaeology Links

General Archaeology Archaeology 
Archaeology news, chat rooms, and links to other sites

The AIA's Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin, a guide to over 300 excavations, field schools, and special programs

American Journal of Archaeology 
The academic journal of the Archaeological Institute of America

The AJA launched a new student section on its website. This area is a starting point for research, a place to learn about a career in archaeology or about submitting your first academic article, and a collection of helpful, trusted links to archaeological material. Start exploring at

Ancient World Web 
A listing of selected web sites related to the ancient world, by Julia Hayden of the University of Virginia

Anthropology Resources on the Internet 
Links to websites on subjects including archaeology, linguistics, cultural anthropology, and physical anthropology

A quarterly, international, peer-reviewed publication covering the world of archaeology and heritage

Archaeological Institute of America 
ARCHAEOLOGY's parent organization

Archaeological news, resources, and forums
A directory of archaeology-related sites on the Web

The Archaeology Channel 
Homepage of the Archaeological Legacy Institute on which you can watch short films and listen to forms of audio media relating to archaeology.

Archaeology Info
An archaeology and human evolution resource with information about human origins and evolution

The WWW virtual library of archaeology, from Arizona State University

Association for Environmental Archaeology (AEA) 
The study of human interaction with the environment in the past through archaeology and related disciplines

The Bradshaw Foundation 
A non-profit organization working to document and preserve prehistoric rock art around the world

Careers in Archaeology FAQ 
Everything you ever wanted to know about becoming an archaeologist, by David L. Carlson of Texas A&M University

Caveman Challenge 
Test your Neanderthal knowledge at this site that corresponds with a series of BBC television specials.

Collapse: Why Do Civilizations Fall?
An interactive website from the Annenberg/CPB Project Exhibits Collection that explores reasons for the decline and fall of past civilizations

Exploring Ancient World Cultures
Second edition of an introduction to ancient world cultures on the world-wide web, by Anthony F. Beavers of the University of Evansville and Bill Hemminger

The Institute of History, Archaeology, and Education 
A nonprofit organization, IHAE is dedicated to expanding the knowledge and appreciation of human cultures from ancient times to the present through an array of student, teacher, and public programs and activities.

Internet Archaeology 
An online-only peer-reviewed electronic archaeology journal

Journal of Field Archaeology 
Contents, author index, and abstracts since 1986, from Boston University

Institute for Ancient Equestrian Studies 
Studies on the history and prehistory of the horse

The Leakey Foundation 
Photos, diaries, lectures, and interviews from the foundation's archives

Odyssey Online 
This website, built for sixth graders to learn about archaeology in 1996, was one of the first "online excavations."

The PAST Foundation 
The PAST Foundation promotes a better understanding of history and culture by teaming professionals with the public to explore cultural sites locally and globally. Anthropologists and archaeologists are teamed with K-12 students to explore. After extensive supervised classroom training, students have the opportunity to go into the field to learn the techniques of modem archaeology and to discover firsthand what wonders lie beneath the soil and water of all nations.

The Smithsonian Institution Human Origins Program 
The Smithsonian's guide to the study of human evolution, and use Quicktime to rotate specimens 360 degrees

Society for American Archaeology 
Information on the SAA

Society for Historical Archaeology 
Information on the SHA

Find out when and where archaeology jobs are happening around the world

World Atlas of Archaeology on the Web 
Provides links to archaeological websites around the world

Yahoo!'s index to anthropology and archaeology


Amarna Royal Tombs Project 
Directed by Nicholas Reeves, it is a project of The Valley of the Kings Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the exploration, documentation and preservation of this uniquely important world heritage site.

The home page of the American Research Center in Egypt

Archaeological Excavations in Egypt 
Survey and excavation projects in the East Delta and South Sinai of Egypt

Archaeology of Nubia 
Archaeology, history and culture of Nubia and northern Sudan.

Blombos Cave Project 
Information on excavation of Blombos Cave, South Africa

Center for Computer-aided Egyptological Research 
Development and application of information and communication technology in the field of Egyptology

Explore the archaeology of ancient Nubia on this media-rich site with interactive applications drawing you into various aspects of science and Nubian history. 
The website of the president of the Andalusian Association of Egyptology (in Spanish with link to English translation).

Egyptology Resources 
A directory of online resources about ancient Egypt, from Cambridge University

Eternal Egypt 
Multimedia content on ancient Egyptian culture and civilization available in English, French, and Arabic (developed by IBM for the Egyptian government)

Guardian's Egypt 
Covers a wide range of topics and resources on ancient Egypt

The table of contents and selected articles from current and recent issues of this journal of Egyptology

Oriental Institute 
Home page of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago

Supreme Council of Antiquities 
The official Egyptian government website

Theban Mapping Project 
Information, articles (on tomb robberies, exploration of the Valley of the Kings, funerary equipment, etc.), a timeline, and searchable text and image database

The Theban Royal Mummy Project 
An online catalogue of mummies from the Theban Necropolis

The Virtual Mummy 
Unwrap a mummy with the click of your mouse. Interactive Quicktime movies allow you to look inside a mummy's head. - from the University of Hamburg

Asia and the Pacific  

Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center 
CHP is a private nongovernmental nonprofit organization in China dedicated to raising public awareness of the importance of protecting cultural heritage, mobilizing local communities to protect cultural heritage in their own areas, increasing the understanding of cultural heritage conservation among government officials, and promoting cultural diversity by assisting minorities to conserve and protect their cultures.

Center for East Asian Archaeology 
Resources on the archaeology of Central Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia from the International Center for East Asian Archaeology and Cultural History at Boston University

Easter Island 
A general review of Easter Island archaeology and the history of research about the island

Easter Island Statue Project 
The scientists involved in this collaborative artifact inventory project to collect data on the prehistoric monolithic heads (moai) on Rapa Nui also hope to use this information to put other prehistoric Polynesian cultures into perspective.

Photographs, movies, and sounds of the ancient Indus Valley. Includes a 90-slide tour of sites by Jonathan Mark Kenoyer.

Japanese Archaeology 
A nice overview of Japanese history, prehistory, and archaeology.

Origins of Angkor Archaeological Project 
Research in the Huai Valley in northeast Thailand by the University of Otago Department of Anthropology and the Fine Arts Department of Thailand

Sarasvati Sindhu 
Vedic/Indus Civilization, language and script

Near East & Middle East  

Abila Archaeological Project
Website for the project at Abila, Jordan--with dig info, history, and near eastern links

A guide to online resources for the study of the ancient Near East, from the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago

The Archaeological Settlements of Turkey
An inventory of Turkish settlement sites: In Turkish and English

The home page of the American Schools of Oriental Research includes information on publications, fellowships, meetings, membership, etc.

Information about the history, excavations, and visiting this Neolithic site in Turkey.

The Excavations at Hattusha 
Lets you tour the capital of the Hittite Empire, the Late Bronze Age superpower of the Near East.

Iranian Cultural Heritage News Agency 
News and commentary on archaeology in Iran, updated frequently.

Karak Resources Project 
An on-going multidisciplinary research project in Jordan

Mysteries of Çatalhöyük 
The Science Museum of Minnesota's interactive site on one of the world's oldest cities and its archaeological exploration

Near Eastern Archaeology 
Abstracts of articles in recent issues and an index of articles published between 1983 and 1987, from the American Schools of Oriental Research

Oriental Institute 
Home page of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago

Scrolls from the Dead Sea 
The Ancient Library of Qumran and Modern Scholarship - an exhibition at the Library of Congress

Tell Acharneh 
The website of the Canadian Archaeological Mission to Tell 'Acharneh, a Bronze and iron Age site near Hama, Syria, that may be the ancient city of Tunip.


Anglo-Georgian Expedition to Nokalakevi 
Excavation at Nokalakevi, a major Greek-Roman-Byzantine-Medieval site in western Georgia, has been underway since 2001.

Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe 
A listing of web sites covering European archaeology, from the University of Birmingham, UK

The Archaeological Settlements of Turkey
An inventory of Turkish settlement sites: In Turkish and English

Archaeological Sites Index 
A fully searchable database of the positions (NGRs) of 5,000 of Britain's most popular sites.

ArcheoNet Vlaanderen 
News on archaeology and heritage in Flanders (Dutch with English summaries)

Atapuerca: A World Heritage Site 
Features 3D fossils, videos, and panoramic views of the early hominid sites in the Sierra Atapuerca of northern Spain--Sima de los Huesos, Gran Dolina, Galería, etc.

The Baikal Archaeology Project
Investigetions of the cultural and biological dynamics of prehistoric boreal forest hunter-gatherer societies in the Lake Baikal region of Siberia

The Boscombe Bowmen
Wessex Archaeology's website dedicated to their research on burials near Stonehenge

British Archaeology 
Full texts of recent issues of the magazine of the Council for British Archaeology

Cadw: Welsh Historic Monuments
Cadw, the Welsh Historic Monuments Executive Agency, features a virtual tour of Tintern, a Cistercian abbey founded in 1131 and rebuilt in the later thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries.

Citânia de Briteiros
The Universidade do Minho has a virtual tour of the Iron Age hillfort Citânia de Briteiros at Guimarães in northern Portugal.

Council for British Archaeology
Information about the CBA's programs

Current Archaeology 
Contents and short abstracts of recent and upcoming issues of this British archaeology magazine, plus info on digs and British archaeological organizations

The Cave of Lascaux 
Learn about and explore the Paleolithic caves of Lascaux in France. Since actual tours are no longer available to the public, take a virtual tour to see the paintings of bulls and other figures.

Digging for Vikings
An interactive excavation of a Viking settlement in Wales

Dunstanburgh Castle Dig
November 2003 
An English Heritage investigation at Dunstanburgh Castle in Northumberland, England

A database of European prehistoric art with records of engraved or painted rocks--pictures, tracings, maps, and reference titles. 
Searchable database of Irish excavation reports from 1985 to 1999

Field Archaeology at National Museums Liverpool
Studies of prehistoric, Iron Age, and Roman sites, as well as the first archaeological study of land sites in the Falkland Islands

The Heritage Council 
Established in 1995, Ireland's Heritage Council proposes policies and priorities for the identification, protection, preservation and enhancement of the national heritage. Sections of the website deal with archaeology and museums.

Historical and Archaeological Association for Mauriac 
Clickable maps, site plans, panoramic photographs, etc., of Mauriac, France, and its surrounding area: In French and English

Irish Archaeology on the Internet 
Links, current research, and guides to Ireland's archaeological sites.

L'Institut national de recherches archéologiques préventives 
Website presents news and reports on projects carried out by INRAP, the governmental agency that oversees cultural resource management in France.

Institute of Archaeology and Museum/Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 
IAM-BAS is the national center coordinating all field research in Bulgaria.

The Megalithic Temples of Malta
The site has photographs of every megalithic temple, the archaeological finds, QuickTime 360 degrees views of the main temples, archaeological finds, statuettes and much more.

Museum of London Archaeology Service
Contains details of the museum's service and summaries of sites excavated in the London area

Newgrange & Knowth Megalithic Tombs - Ireland
Resource website for sites on the east coast of Ireland--Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth, Fourknocks, Loughcrew and Tara

Orkneyjar - The Heritage of the Orkney Islands 
Dedicated to the preserving, exploring, and documenting the ancient history, folklore and traditions of Orkney, a group of islands lying off the northern tip of Scotland

Royal Commission on the Ancient & Historical Monuments of Wales
An introduction to the work of the RCAHMW

Denmark's archaeology magazine with links to other archaeology publications world-wide. In Danish.

Time Team Live
Stories of the individuals involved in digs, pictures and descriptions of finds, and real video--from England's Channel 4 Television.

Vela Spila 
A summary of prehistoric findings on an island off the coast of Croatia.

Legacies of Resilience: The Archaeology of the Lake Pátzcuaro Basin 
is a long-term multidisciplinary project by archaeologists, geologists, and geographers from the United States and Mexico, to better understand the development of the Purépecha (Tarascan) Empire.

A general site on ancient Mexico with map, timeline, a feature on the conquest, historical documents, and more.

BRASS/El Pilar Project 
Brief description of the Belize River Archaeological Settlement Survey and the excavation of the site of El Pilar, astride the Belize-Guatemala border, by Anabel Ford of the University of California, Santa Barbara

Caracol Archaeological Project 
Description and photographs of the Caracol Project headed by Arlen and Diane Chase from the University of Central Florida

Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc., provides research grants, Kerr rollout photographs, Schele Drawings, and bibliography for ancient Central America. New: online Maya hieroglyphic dictionary

La Milpa Maya 
Archaeological and environmental GIS data with maps and images of the ancient Maya city of La Milpa, Belize, available for download

Lost King of the Maya 
PBS's companion website to their film following excavations at Copán, a Classic Maya site in northern Honduras 
The Machu Picchu Library--links to information on Peru, Machu Picchu, and the Inka

Machu Picchu and Inca Trail 
A virtual tour of Machu Picchu with information and 360 degree views 
A website on the Marajoara culture, an ancient and complex society of the Amazon

The Mesoamerican Ballgame 
An online journey into the ancient spectacle of athletes and gods

An exploration of Mesoamerica and its cultures, including Maya, Aztec and Olmec

A bi-monthly journal devoted to all aspects of academic research on Mesoamerica

Mystery of the Maya 
A user-friendly introduction to the Maya by the Canadian Museum of Civilization

Pre-Columbian Society of Washington, DC 
A very active organization helping to raise awareness and provide a forum of study of Precolumbian cultures through meetings, newsletters, symposia, and tours.

Teotihuacan Home Page 
Descriptions of the site and its major monuments, with movies (Quicktime), news, and more.

Tikal National Park 
History, architecture, and ecology of this major Maya site in Guatemala, plus visitor information and map

North America  

Archaeological Parks in the U.S. 
Links to archaeological parks in the United States, listed by state and by region

Archaeological Sites of the Southwest 
A catalog of archaeological sites in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah, with ratings, visiting information, and some links, by Michael L. Holder; edited by Gregory H. Bondar of Pennsylvania State University

Colonial Williamsburg 
This website features Department of Archaeological Research excavations (Kendall-Garner Site, Atkinson Site, James Wray Site, Douglass Theater Site, and more) as well as a kid's page with games and activities.

The Colony of Avalon Foundation 
A non-profit charitable organization created to investigate, preserve, interpret, and develop the remains of the original 17th-century Colony of Avalon.

Echoes From the Past 
A virtual journey through Quebec's prehistory

Center for the Study of the First Americans 
Discussion and research on the peopling of the Americas--located at Texas A&M University

Gotham Center for New York History 
Resource directory, events calendar, and discussion groups focusing on New York City's historical assets--from the City University of New York

Jamestown Rediscovery Archaeology Project 
Including a history of the site and a report on recent excavations, from the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities

A Journey to a New Land 
Simon Fraser University's website on the first peopling of the New World with interviews, interactive timeline, games for children, etc. Geared to a range of school ages and with teacher-parent guides.

Kennewick Man Virtual Interpretive Center 
Find articles, links and updates on this man that caused so much controversy.

National Park Service Archeology Program 
Feature stories, ways to participate in archaeology, tools for teaching, and the National Archaeological Database

Louisiana Indian History Website 
Basic historic, language, archeology, events, and other background information about Native American Indian nations in the state of Louisiana.

Midwest Archaeological Center 
Home page of the Midwest Archaeological Center, part of the National Park Service.

Moundville Archaeological Park 
University of Alabama's web page on Moundville, once the largest city in North America.

Notes from the Field:
Notes from the Field: Wisconsin's Great Lakes Shipwrecks
Underwater archaeologists examine several historic shipwrecks and describe their work in daily postings of journal entries and photographs

Recent Archaeological Investigations in Southern Indiana 
Excavations by Indiana University are presented here, including Bone Bank and Hovey Lake, Mississippian sites near the confluence of the Ohio and Wabash rivers, and other sites.

Rock Art Pages 
Links to rock art sites in the southwestern United States and other areas

The Society for American Archaeology, an international organization dedicated to the research, interpretation, and protection of the archaeological heritage of the Americas

Savannah River Archaeological Research Program 
A non-profit group associated with the University of South Carolina and the Department of Energy that offers public archaeology programs in the Central Savannah River Area.

Sipapu—The Anasazi Emergence into the Cyber World 
A website dedicated to the study of the prehistoric Anasazi of the southwestern United States. In addition to information on the prehistory of this fascinating cultural tradition, there are also interactive reconstructions of their architecture.

Southeast Archeological Center 
Home page of the National Park Service's Southeast Archeological Center

Southwestern Archaeology 
Links to many sites covering southwestern archaeology, from Brian Kenny and Matthias Giessler

St. Eustatius Center for Archaeological Research 
Info on current research, excavation opportunities, and history

Texas Beyond History 
A useful map tool, special exhibits, resources for kids and teachers, faq, glossary, and site search to improve public access to the archeology of Texas

Uncovering Zapotec Life in Mexico's Oaxaca Valley 
Join the Field Museum in investigating the history of the Valley of Oaxaca and its pre-Colonial inhabitants.

Underwater Archaeology  

Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology 
Dedicated to the promotion of maritime archaeology, this organization sponsors work throughout Australia, Asia, and the Pacific.

Florida Underwater Archaeological Preserves 
Information about and photos of protected shipwrecks, from Florida's Bureau of Archaeological Research

Friends of the Hunley 
Investigation updates and diagrams of the Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley, discovered off the South Carolina coast

The Hamilton and Scourge Project 
The history, discovery, and archaeology of two schooners that sank in Lake Ontario. Take a virtual underwater tour of the boats.

The Institute of Nautical Archaeology 
Information on the institute's programs and projects, from Texas A&M University

International Journal of Nautical Archaeology 
Covers all aspects of nautical archaeological research

Maritime Heritage Online (Australia) 
Shipwreck database, publications, photographs, and intereactive maps of the New South Wales coast

The Mary Rose 
See how this sunken warship from the sixteenth century was discovered and brought back up to the surface.

Museum of Underwater Archaeology 
The online Museum of Underwater Archaeology was created to help underwater archaeologists and maritime historians present their research to the public via the Internet. It has a blog on underwater archaeology, brief reports from archaeologists currently on projects in the field, and features such as one on CSS Alabama. The "Children's Exhibit" has interactive demonstrations of sidescan sonar and magnetometer data.

The Nautical Archaeology Society 
A voluntary organization formed to preserve nautical heritage and provide education, training, and information

Nordic Underwater Archaeology 
Information on archaeology in Northern Europe's Baltic Sea

Queensland Museum 
Information on the excavation of the HMS Pandora off of Australia's northeast coast

Sadana Island Shipwreck Excavation 
View images of this ship found in the Red Sea carrying products from the East.

Society for Underwater Exploration 
Research, exploration, and excavation activities around the world aimed at finding, recovering, and preserving underwater sites of historical and cultural significance

Other Related Sites  

Archaeology, Antiquities, Theft and Looting 
Possibly the most comprehensive bibliography of weblinks on the theft of art and artifacts

Earthwatch Institute 
Supports scientific field research worldwide, including archaeological projects

EPOCH (Excellence in Processing Open Cultural Heritage) 
A network of European cultural institutions working to improve applications of information and communication technologies to cultural heritage

Global Heritage Fund 
A non-profit organization devoted to the preservation of endangered cultural heritage sites in the developing world, employing conservation science, and community involvement to realize that goal

The International Council on Monuments and Sites, including documents and information on ICOMOS events and committees

International Cultural Property Protection 
Recent reports of looting, theft, prosecution, and recovery, U.S. and international cultural property laws and conventions, and links--from the U.S. State Department.

National Geographic Society 
Online stories as well as links to National Geographic Magazine and television shows

National Trust for Historic Preservation 
Information about the trust's services, programs, and membership

Online stories and links to television schedules, the NOVA store (where you can order videos and books), etc., from the Public Broadcasting System

World Heritage 
List of cultural and natural sites on the World Heritage list

Anthropology Resources on the Internet 
The world-wide web virtual library of anthropology, from AnthroTECH

WWW Virtual Library: Museums 
The world-wide web virtual library of museums, from ICOM.

Yahoo! Museums 
Yahoo!'s index to museums and galleries