TiO2 nanorods decorated on RGO sheet for an excellent supercapacitor application

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International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
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Herein, we report nanocomposite of titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanorods decorated reduced graphene oxide (TiO2/RGO) prepared using the simple, one-pot hydrothermal route for electrode material in supercapacitor applications. A systematic comparison study was carried out for the TiO2/RGOcomposite coated on graphite foil in presence of alkaline media 3 M KOH, NaCl, and Revised Manuscript (Clean, unmarked, FINAL version) Click here to view linked References Na2SO4 using the three-electrode method. The TiO2/RGO binary compound exhibited excellent specific capacitance of 330 Fg-1 at the discharge current density 0.5 Ag-1 using 3 M KOH electrolyte solution. The obtained maximum specific capacitance values in order by various electrolytes are observed as KOH > NaCl > Na2SO4. The long term cycle stability of charge and discharge cycle at current density 0.5 Ag-1 over 1000 cycles observed and only 8 % decay in the specific capacitance of TiO2/RGO nanocomposite was observed in 3 M KOH electrolyte. The improved electrochemical performance TiO2/RGOcomposite in KOH electrolyte shown to be the most suitable electrode for the supercapacitors.