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أ.د. علي محمد مسملي Prof. Ali M. Masmali


Professor of Optometry

كلية العلوم الطبية التطبيقية
مبنى 24 الدور الثاني مكتب رقم 2028

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Final Project II  OPTO 499 (OD Program) In this course the student winds down the data collection stage of the project and starts with data collation, analysis and project…


Final Project I  OPTO 498 (OD Program) In this course the student selects what type of project he/she would like to pursue. Projects may be in form of literature reviews,…


 Research project (Opto 599; Master Program) The project is supposed to be as clinical study and/or special area in one of Vision Science topics available in department, the…