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عزام عبدالله السحيباني

Assistant Professor

أستاذ المحاسبة والمراجعة المساعد

كلية إدارة الأعمال
مكتب S198

ACCT 630: Contemporary Issues in Accounting for Zakat and Tax

This course provides students with in depth analysis of theoretical and practical studies of accounting problems related to Zakat and Tax. It covers issues related to the concept, economic and social impact of Zakat and Tax. The course considers also, by means of analysis and evaluation, a variety of topics, including for example, funds subject to Zakat and Tax, Zakat Nisab, taxable income, Zakat and Tax rates¸ Zakat and Tax collection methods, Zakat and Tax guarantees, channels of spending Zakat and Tax, and Zakat and Tax application in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The main aim of this course is to explore key issues in contemporary Zakat and Tax through a critical evaluation and analysis of recent published research in leading journals. A secondary aim of the course is to provide students with a forum for discussing the major policy issues in the area of Zakat and Tax and to suggest changes and reforms that might be beneficial to this area.

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