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إبراهيم المعتاز Ibrahim S. Al-Mutaz


Professor of Chemical Engineering

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512 ENVS Environmental Chemistry الكيمياء البيئية

512 ENVS Environmental Chemistry     الكيمياء البيئية      
Instructor: Prof. Ibrahim S. Al-Mutaz, Room 2B57, Phone (46)7-6870

General Description
Chemical processes in the atmosphere, The essential theory of the increasing of earth temperature, Composition and component of the atmospheric photochemical smog, Formation and depletion of ozone layer, Acid rain and its effects, Natural water chemistry, Acidity and basicity, Natural water stability.

(General definition of the environment, Chemical Processes, The subject of Environmental Chemistry)
The Atmosphere
The atmosphere: composition and pressure.
Effect of Solar Radiation
The troposphere
Thermodynamic and Kinetic Calculations
The Stratospheric Chemistry
Concerned about Stratospheric Ozone
Ozone Hole
Ozone Synthesis and Destruction
Chlorofluorocarbon’s (CFC’s)
Quantitative Calculations
The Tropospheric Chemistry
The Chemistry of Photochemical Smog
Hydroxyl radical-initiated Oxidation of Hydrocarbons
Emissions from Internal Combustion Engine
The Global Environment
Global Variation in Composition
Rainfall and Acid Rain
Greenhouse gases and Global Warming Potential
Natural Water Chemistry
Natural Water Stability
G.W. van Loon and S.J. Duffy, “Environmental Chemistry: A Global Perspective”, 2nd Edition


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