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إبراهيم المعتاز Ibrahim S. Al-Mutaz


Professor of Chemical Engineering

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522 ENVS Air Pollution تلوث الهواء

Instructor: Prof. Ibrahim S. Al-Mutaz,   Room 2B57,   Phone (46)7-6870

General Description
Composition of the atmosphere, Types of pollutants: suspended, gaseous and liquid, Source of air pollution (indoor and outdoor), Instruments for measuring air pollutants: their usage and calibration.Parameter measurements of air pollutants. Effect of the atmospheric conditions on dispersion or concentrating the pollutants, The impact of air pollutants on human health and other  livingorganisms.
Detailed Description                         

       -   Introduction                                                                                               1
          (History of Air Pollution Problems)
      -    Sources of Air Pollution                                                                                 2
-          Natural Sources
-          Industrial Sources: (Stationary, Mobile)
-          Emission Factor
-          Air Quality Criteria and Standards                                                                  2
-          National Ambient Air Quality Standard
-          Ambient air Quality Standards
-          World Health Organization
 -          Chemical Processes in the Atmosphere                                                              3
-          Carbon Pollutants
-          Sulfur Pollutants
-          Nitrogen Pollutants
 -          Transport and Dispersion of Air Pollution                                                            3
-          Wind Velocity
-          Estimating Concentrations from Point Sources
-          Indoor Air Pollution                                                                                          2
-          Indoor Air Quality
-          Sources and Potential Health Effects
 -          Measurements of Gasses and particulates                                                          2
-          Sampling Requirements 
-          Gas Concentration Measurements 
-          Particulate Measurement Methods
- Textbook: Abhishek Tiwary and Jeremy Colls, “Air Pollution: Measurement, modelling and mitigation”, 3rd Ed, Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group,, London, 2010.  
K. Wark, C.F. Warner and W. T. Davis, “Air Pollution: Its Origin and Control”, 3r Ed, Adddison Wesley Longman, Menlo Park, CA, 1998.
A.C. Stern, R. W. Boubel and D. B. Turner, “Fundamentals of Air Pollution”, 3rd Ed, Academic Press, Inc, Orlando, Fl, 1994.


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