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Ahmed Youssef, Ph.D.



علوم الحاسب والمعلومات
Building 31, Room 2051

IS498: Capstone Project-I

The previous courses have provided the IS students with strong and sufficient knowledge to develop information systems. The next logical stage is that the IS student must acquire hands-on experiences on developing real world information systems. In addition, the students should be familiarized with real world problems encounter during the development of real world information systems. Furthermore, the students should be trained to work in teams. In this course, the students will be organized into groups. The number of students in each group should not exceed three students. In developing an information system, a particular information system development methodology should be used. Each group will develop a real world information system in two stages: The first stage will be carried out in IS 498. In IS 498, the students of each group must identify a problem domain, define a problem, identify the requirements in details, specify requirements in details, analyze and document the current system, proposed alternative systems, and design a particular system in details which includes the definitions of all the required system models such as the data model and the functional model. At the end of the course, each group must submit a formal report documenting the problem domain, the problem, the requirements, the specifications, and the system models.

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